I design and lead workshops that use timed writing prompts, games, and discussion to draw stories out of you, conquer blockages, and promote understanding of storytelling essentials. 

See my workshops below and check my cred with the testimonials.

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£25 per person. Groups are kept small so everyone's results can be discussed.

Includes a one-pager and slides for future reference.


This workshop is about creating strong narrative. Invaluable for Sitcom, Film, Stand Up, or Prose

Anything where you are telling a story.

Use structure to set your ideas free.


You'll build a fresh story using timed writing exercises and discussion.

Throughout the process we examine all the vital ingredients for universally strong story craft: 

Goals, Character, Conflict, Endings, Creativity... 

Whether a curious or constipated creative, looking to add more structure and depth to your writing,

or a non-writer who wants to try something new 

- this is about learning through doing.

Get the tools to express what's already there. 


"The class was really good, I really enjoyed it. You’re a very good teacher. As a stand up I’ll be able to apply these principals to my work. There was a lot of exercises throughout and it was interesting, very little time just listening to the teacher . I found it very clear and anything I needed to know was answered well. Very good value."

Aideen McQueen - Stand Up Comedian

"It was a very easy discussion with helpful explanation, playing with ideas and picking apart our work in-class.  Mike suggested we develop a project from inception to conclusion, and we did so remarkably within the time frame of this couple of hours.  It was fun, un-pressured and informative.

I felt I was learning, and un-learning a lot, in a friendly atmosphere, with others who were in the same position of learning as me.  My efforts were imperfect but this was a safe and comfortable space for me to try ideas and learn from errors and successes with Mike’s guidance.  A really useful and playful way to learn and I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the mechanics of writing simply and clearly."

Matt Houlihan - Actor

I found this extremely useful given I get scared of writing stories. I tend to get overwhelmed and can't decide on a plot or an ending. The exercises were super helpful. Most specifically, the timed element really helps pare it down to the basics.

Interesting and illuminating. Great stuff.

Abla Kandalaft - Journalist

I found the discussions of conflict and conflict resolution both internally and externally fascinating and certainly something that can be applied further to my current joke writing. Thank you Mike I really enjoyed it and you're clearly a very knowledgeable tutor.

Jack Pickford - Stand Up Comedian

"I loved the work shop, I was really pushed out of comfort zone to try something completely new. It wasn’t easy to start with but then I let my imagination run away with me and it was super liberating, I’d highly recommend it! 100% I used it literally the next day for a work situation."

Jess Wright - Senior Account Manager

"Mike's Story and Script from Scratch Workshop was a brilliant intro to the principles of script and story, delivered in a clear way with a lot of one-to-one interaction. The workshop allowed us to tap into Mike's extensive experience, and I know I'll be using what I learned in my stand-up and script writing. Great value and time exceptionally well spent."

Leslie Gold - Stand Up Comedian 

"The structure of the time was brilliant. Timed exercises are the best. No time for faffing, no time to over think. I thought you 'held' the zoom group very well, time managed to perfection and shared a huge amount of very valuable insight. Mike has a very warm and welcoming manner, is a clear communicator and highly skilled at teaching the craft of screenwriting/comedy writing." 

Ania Hardy - Teacher & Vocal Coach 

There was a good mix of explaining what the content was and application. I thought you used great reference points in current film/ television to make the concepts clear. Also with the exercises I think you applied a good amount of pressure to move things along quickly and encourage quick uncensored thought. Also having us feedback to the group on the elements of the story but not the bulk, meant that we were engaged during those sessions without taking up loads of time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The group all threw themselves into it which made for a funny experience...this is an awesome activity to do with your friends! I think most people who take on this course will be really enjoy it.

Aaron Duffett - Head of Sales

"I felt engaged and liked that we had to think on the spot which is much harder to do when working on my own. We applied the principles to our stories straight away which is a great way to practice and understand better."

Marie Doinne - Writing Student

"Definitely for me it was very fun, and made me identify my problems and how they can be resolved. The work with the ending is great - looking at different options and choosing what works for you and finding structure."

Erifili MissiouDirector & Writer


"I think it's really good, I really like it. Because I actually got a clear story in my mind. These exercises made me create that. I've never done anything like that before and now I actually have a story. Nice experience."

Alex Pappas - Financial Risk Analyst


"I thought it was a really good tool, and I'm looking forward to applying it to some other stuff I want to work out. It's planting the seeds, and the driving mechanics.  I wrote down quite a lot of your tips, which were very helpful. The lesson structure was really, really good."

Sami Stone - Stand Up Comedian


"Mike helped me identify what my story really was and who the characters were. His script notes were full of insightful constructive solutions on how I could strengthen structure and particularly helped me to build a strong beginning and ending."

Bobby Mair - Stand Up & TV Comedian

Sitcom Pilot

"Getting feedback is nerve-wracking at the best of times, but Mike helped me turn around a 30 page script at the last minute. His notes were precise and practical, and gave me room to get even more creative and push my ideas farther. Using a line of questioning like Socratic Method, he posed questions that brought clearer direction to my thoughts and highlighted concepts and outlined patterns that I was unconscious of having."

Erifili Missiou - Director & Screenwriter

Sitcom Pilot

"I sent Mike a Comedy pilot and Development Plan and his feedback was very insightful 
of the main character and the plot. His gentle criticism was refreshing and his ideas on characters' arc was spot on. I'll definitely use his script reading services again." 

Peter McAdam - Screenwriter

Sitcom Pilot

"It has been refreshing to receive constructive feedback that I can use to develop and improve my script. You have delivered it in a very considered and concise way I am left in no doubt that the changes need to be made are the right ones. I particularly like that you ask me open questions and allow me to work out my own solutions for the problems that have been identified."

Helen Tompson - Screenwriter

Short Film/Drama 


"As a new screenwriter, Mike helped point me in the right direction with my script. He gave constructive criticism in a positive way and gave me the confidence to continue. He also come up with some great jokes! I can't thank him enough." 

Sarah O'Reilly - Screenwriter

Feature Film/RomCom

"The notes Mike gave me on my screenplay, HOTBED, were absolutely essential to improving my story and enhancing my skills as a writer. The depth and insight he provided subtly shifted my perspective and allowed me to effectively iron out details from a more omnipotent view than I thought was possible. Constructively shedding light on vital details with positive reinforcement, but with assertive wisdom and insight, is something needed in the growth of writers. I am more than confident in Mike's knowledge, eye for detail, and his positive but objective approach as a script reader. I would definitely recommend his services to any writer striving to enhance their script and their skills as a storyteller."

Thomas Heizer - Screenwriter

Feature Film/Thriller