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Writing a script that explores the heart of your concept to its fullest potential is difficult for many reasons.

There's no reason to do it alone.

I'm a Script Editor, Reader, and Coach - working with writers of all levels to better express and focus their ideas through screenwriting.

  • Separating what does and doesn't serve your story 

  • Pushing your existing ideas farther 

  • Investigating the efficacy of your existing structure

  • Exploring new opportunities for drama, gags, etc.

This can include consultations over Zoom, in person if you're in London, or by written reports.

I welcome Sitcoms, TV DramasFeatures, Short Films, and Stand Up Comedy Material.

Check out my client testimonials below.



Going private with script coverage means you get a more personal and tailored approach, with the option of further consultancy after.


In the report I can focus on specific areas if you like but generally include Plot, Theme, Concept, Dialogue, Characters, Pace, Structure, etc. This includes development notes as well - meaning practical ideas on how to resolve weaknesses. Can also include a Synopsis and a Logline (negotiable for extra fee).

FEATURE FILM (90-120 pages)

SHORT FILM (up to 20 pages) 

TV COMEDY (up to 40 pages) 

OTHER TV/PLAY (up to 60 pages)  



Often thought of as "therapy for writers", this is about going through blockages together, examining processes, speaking about goals - all that good stuff that will unleash your true creativity.

I offer this to Script Writers, Prose Writers, and Stand Up Comedians.

CONSULTATION (includes looking over your material) 



"Mike helped me identify what my story really was and who the characters were. His script notes were full of insightful constructive solutions on how I could strengthen structure and particularly helped me to build a strong beginning and ending."

Bobby Mair - Stand Up Comic & Presenter

Sitcom Pilot

"Mike did a fantastic job with my script. I was getting stuck with a plot error and was blown away by his analysis. Mike is not only a script writer, but also a very good teacher. I learned not only what my script is lacking from, but also received invaluable advice about how to move it forward."


Vlad Ilich - Stand Up Comic

Sitcom Pilot

"Getting feedback is nerve-wracking at the best of times, but Mike helped me turn around a 30 page script at the last minute. His notes were precise and practical, and gave me room to get even more creative and push my ideas farther. Using a line of questioning like Socratic Method, he posed questions that brought clearer direction to my thoughts and highlighted concepts and outlined patterns that I was unconscious of having."


Erifili Missiou - Director & Screenwriter

Sitcom Pilot

"I sent Mike a Comedy pilot and Development Plan and his feedback was very insightful 
of the main character and the plot. His gentle criticism was refreshing and his ideas on characters' arc was spot on. I'll definitely use his script reading services again." 


Peter McAdam - Screenwriter

Sitcom Pilot

"It has been refreshing to receive constructive feedback that I can use to develop and improve my script. You have delivered it in a very considered and concise way I am left in no doubt that the changes need to be made are the right ones. I particularly like that you ask me open questions and allow me to work out my own solutions for the problems that have been identified."


Helen Tompson - Screenwriter

Short Film/Drama 


"As a new screenwriter, Mike helped point me in the right direction with my script. He gave constructive criticism in a positive way and gave me the confidence to continue. He also come up with some great jokes! I can't thank him enough." 


Sarah O'Reilly - Screenwriter

Feature Film/RomCom

"The notes Mike gave me on my screenplay, HOTBED, were absolutely essential to improving my story and enhancing my skills as a writer. The depth and insight he provided subtly shifted my perspective and allowed me to effectively iron out details from a more omnipotent view than I thought was possible. Constructively shedding light on vital details with positive reinforcement, but with assertive wisdom and insight, is something needed in the growth of writers. I am more than confident in Mike's knowledge, eye for detail, and his positive but objective approach as a script reader. I would definitely recommend his services to any writer striving to enhance their script and their skills as a storyteller."


Thomas Heizer - Screenwriter

Feature Film/Thriller

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